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Swipe the photos and see Hurricane Katrina disaster dissolve into present-day recovery

From the Times-Picayune — an interactive feature allowing you to compare 2005 photos, from Hurricane Katrina and the flooding that followed, with photos taken this year from identical vantage points. Some of the images are very powerful.

Interactive photo feature showing 2005 contrasted with this year
Drag your cursor (on a computer) or swipe your finger (on a phone or tablet)…

RT @1981tigers1981: Just like last year, we go into halftime tied 21-21

RT @FauxVicBeasley: No Clowney =. No Defense

I do not recommend watching “The Leftovers” & “Under The Dome” back to back.

Boredom is failure.

Lefsetz Letter » Whether To Be On Spotify

Everything in life is about timing. You don’t want to be too early, and you don’t want to be too late. And if you don’t have your music on Spotify now, you’re too late, you’re working against yourself.

Most Days I’m Consuming Music All Day Long

Wednesday August 6, 2014 Playlist:
What I had for breakfast:
Uncle Tupelo
Velvet Underground
Jim Lauderdale
Grateful Dead
Lilly and Madeleine
Rosanne Cash
Sonic Youth
Foxygen – How Can You Really    Thought I was listening to Todd Rundgren.
Linkin Park
Drive By Truckers
Graham Parsons
Website with full Phish show videos dating back to 1987, young Trey needs to get some sun.
Singer Marianne Faithfull claims to know who and what really killed Jim Morrison in 1971
Lincoln Center to Live-Stream Three Concerts This Week, Including Emmylou Harris and Rosanne Cash:…
Fans petition the @nfl for a Weird @alyankovic @SuperBowl halftime show